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By DankCommenter, history, 8 months ago, In English

Can anyone tell me why is there a 1 week gap between the last div3 and the next upcoming contest? Is it because the last div3 by vovuh and the last div2 by Akikaze were so disappointing that we need a period of 1 week to cope up and come to terms with it?

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CodeForces is for all. So for you to cope up we are waiting 1 week. Please hurry. :)

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First, the gap between rounds might variate greatly, depending of the current proposal reviewing queues, other authors' scheduling, etc.
Second, you sounded so cool when bashing our rounds, but (at least in mine) your accusation was purely ad hominem towards me. Indeed, my round wasn't good at some extents, but if to reach that disappointment, Mike would have already intercepted us and unrate the round. If you don't like our rounds, fine, but don't think you are something so important and thus you have the rights of exaggerating your thoughts.