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By DaRkViRuS, history, 12 days ago, In English,

My CodeForces: gives you the ability to monitor your progress and know your strength and weakness points in every type of problems

you can list all problems and view them in offline mode and share them with friends

you can list all upcoming, current, and finished contests and add a reminder for them

My contest is aimed to help you to know your progress while you are training to the contests

please if you have any suggestion or feedback don't hesitate to contact me or add review and rating on the play store

and please share it with friends to make it reach all people

here is the play store link

and to keep updates you can like the Facebook page


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why are you writing "My contest" instead of "My CodeForces"? Because name of the app is "My CodeForces" (you fdt)

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    7 days ago, # ^ |
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    yes that's right, I was updating the name of the app on the store and forget to update the post

    Thanks :)