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Hello Codeforces,

I'm here to introduce Testsaz to you.

Testsaz is a fast, minimal test-case generator system for ICPC-style and IOI-style problems.

It can be helpful when you're preparing some problems for algorithmic contest and Algorithm Design and Data Structures courses.

Here you are: Testsaz GitHub repository

Any feedbacks and contributions are welcomed.

Good luck!

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Don't forget to use testlib or srand(time(0)); in your generator. Testsaz generates input files with a 1 second time delay, so using only srand(time(0)); suffices for obtaining random and different input files.

This feature doesn't make too much sense for two reasons,

  • if I have 60 test cases and most of them are rather small, I'll need to wait 1 minute anyway to generate the input.
  • For problems preparation, you want to be able to generate the same "random" test case, usually doing srand(test_seed); instead of srand(time(0));.
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    Yeah, you're right. I knew these before you tell me. I will make it better in the next versions (commits). Thanks.

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    Hey marX, I updated Testsaz. This issue has been resolved, so you can check it again. Thanks again.