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Hello codeforces! I need your help with this problem, when I submitted I got WA on 15 th test case but when I checked that on my sublime ide, it's giving the right answer. Please help! My code is here Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks :)

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Blog Critique


  • Polite with decent English

  • Problem linked (it is sufficiently short so that a summary is not necessary)


  • You pasted your solution without details about it. Now the problem is so simple that there's not much to explain, but you could've at least put comments in your code or made it easy to read. Especially since you are one of those people that redefine the language for no good reason with a thousand defines. It makes reading the code a pain.

Verdict: Could've been better, but it's not terrible so I'll help.

Actual Help

Did you even look at the test you got wrong? You're clearly not treating 'Y' as a vowel. It's definitely not giving the right answer locally either. Just add it as a vowel and it's all correct.

I agree that treating 'Y' as a vowel is very irritating from a linguistic point of view, but read your statement.

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    Hey, I am sorry for asking a problem without giving much details as this is my first blog on codeforces,I believe I would be familiar with the same. I really appreciated your help, thanks for your time.