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Hello! I hope you're all safe in this hard time!

I want to announce that our contest AGM (6th edition) has just ended this weekend. We want to offer you the possibility to see the problems and compete virtually! The difficulty of the rounds is the same as an ICPC, regional stage. AGM was organized and prepared by these marvelous lads: patrick.sava (the hearth of the project), george_stelian, Stelutzu, PlayLikeNeverB4, geniucos, LucaSeri, munteanuvlad98, Alex18mai, bogdan10bos, teoionescu, carabet.cosmin, Stefan_Radu, Mihai22e, Mihneac, vreaudelftpls, eman98 and GinguIonut.


Final Round Day1

Final Round Day2

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thanks a lot!

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Hey everybody! I hope you'll enjoy the problems! For the qualification round, we're having the editorial here. For the final round, the editorial will be released soon!

If you want to compare your performance with the official and unofficial participating teams, please check this and this out!

Thank you and stay safe!