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Want to upsolve OI problems but feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of them? Spending too much time choosing between OI problems to upsolve? Just want to discover and solve new OI problems you've never heard of?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, you're in luck! I've made a Discord bot that sends random daily OI problems. Why spend time choosing problems to upsolve when a computer can do it for you?

This bot gets problems from APIOIPA — an API for OI problems I made. (Feel free to use it for your projects as well!)

Simply join this Discord server and let the magic happen!

Update 23/05: I recently updated the bot, so now it will send a daily problem to any server it's in with a channel named #problem-of-the-day or #potd. Add the bot to your server to receive problems there if you don't feel like joining a random server.

Not satisfied by 1 problem per day? You can also use the command $gimme for more random problems.

Example of the bot

(Note: The problems are chosen at random and there are only about 700 problems in my database, so there will occasionally be repeated problems. Also, please don't spam.)

You can also host the bot yourself if you want to use it in other servers.

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Your database is oichecklist, am I right?

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    No. OIchecklist didn't have an API so I had to make my own. The problems are the same, minus USACO though

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