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Could you please tell me the topics I need to study for solving DIV2C and DIV2D problems on Codeforces? I have observed that DIV 2C doesn't require any special algorithm or data structure, as it involves basic paradigms like greedy,dp,two pointer,binary search etc with a bit of twist. But what about DIV 2D? Since I am currently focusing on DIV2 A,B,C,D only, please provide me the exhaustive list of topics for problems till DIV 2D. Since many of you have a lot of experience so please guide me with what you observed. Thank you.

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According to my observation:

  • dp (one of the most popular tags)
  • graph/trees, and basic graph/tree algos like MST, djikstra, dp on trees, bipartite matching, etc.
  • disjoint set union
  • some fenwick tree/segment tree implementations
  • constructive algorithms
  • some quite advanced(but still doable) number theory and modular arithmetic
  • sometimes bitmasking(although it's very rare)
  • LCA is quite rare too but may apppear