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Hello Codeforces!

(Again, sorry to anyone that I will be showing kind of disrespect.)

So, since now there are more and more contests that had unusual starting times, many coders need to leave them because of religions.

You guys may know that this month is a very important month. You know, about Ramadan month, Iftar time and, erm, Eid-Al-Fitr???

(Sorry if I didn't spell it right)

And also tonight, 23 of May, is the Eid-Al-Fitr night. This is the most important night in Ramadan month, according to my knowledge :)

So, many people had talked about them in comments, blogs... and some even decided to make a contest about them.


These are my opinions.

I know that religions are very important to everyone who is used to it.

But, I think that Codeforces and Religions don't fit together.

Because Religions, like something that I mentioned above, only being used by some people or countries.

But Codeforces is a platform for all over the world.

Therefore, most of Codeforces users won't get by them and will ignore it, including me. Because we don't know about these kinds of stuff. Downvotes are inevitable.

So, If you get used to religions or something, keep it yourself. Enjoy it with your family, friends, and the country you live at. I will respect that.

And you shouldn't care about contests too much. We all know that unusual times affect a lot of users. But you can make virtual contests later, or solve contest problems, and attending contests in the future. I'm sure that this would be OK for you.

But, you shouldn't bring it here, in Codeforces. I want this website to be clear, diverse with a lot of exciting contests, not just for caring about your religions.

Religions are very important. So, enjoy it in your area, it is more important than just Codeforces contests.

Nothing lasts forever. Soon you will be back with All-day Codeforces with so much fun and things. Trust me.

So that's it!

Any thoughts are welcome! Sorry for making this blog long,

And thanks for reading!

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So you finally downvote someone only after 8 days from this blog :)

UPD. It is now deleted