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Yesterday I just found this site "jutge.org" and I thought that it's great site for newbies (like me)

my question is , have (has?) anybody participated in this site and solved problems and how he/she evaluates the material of this site ? Does it worth spending a summer solving tasks listed in "Algorithm" course by this website ? Please leave a comment if you have something to say :)

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I'm 22 months late, but maybe it can still be useful to you or someone else :)

It's the online judge of my university: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. I learned to program using it and I think it's a very good judge, specially to learn to program.

Why? It's used in our CS classes to learn to program and it has a lot of problems to learn the basics; from the very start (Learning to Program, used in High School), the course on Algorithms you mentioned up to UPC Contests which select the teams to go to the Regionals (and some years also to the World Finals ).

Problems are sorted by difficulty and categorized by themes, making it easy to practice a particular algorithm or data structure.

It doesn't have a lot of really hard problems like codeforces, nor does it have open competitions like other judges, but I don't know a better judge to learn to program.

PS: you can also use HighTail of dj3500 (which I also recommend) with jutge.org :)