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Good afternoon, Codeforces.

Today I want to tell you about latest update of the Codeforces.

  • We all saw a lot of comments from participants, who forgot that some problems have file based input/output and got wrong answer on test 1. Now if the problem has file based input/output, needed file names are highlighted in the statement (for example: 254A - Cards with Numbers), at the contest dashboard (for example: Codeforces Round #155 (Div. 2)) and at the submission page (for example: screenshot).
  • Now it is possible to view a test, used for hack (for example: http://codeforces.com/contest/292/hacks). Of course duriong the contest this option is only available to the participant, who performed a hack. Usualy, if someone gets "Invalid input" verdict for the hack, it is difficult to find what is wrong with the test. The only thing you got is validator message like this [FAIL Integer parameter equals to 500, violates the range [1, 400) .... Also it is impossible to find out if there was a typo in the test. This new "View test" feature is created to help in such cases. When you click "View test" link, you will get a test in plain text if the test for hack was entered manually, or report about test generation and generator source if the hack used generator. Plain text format was chosen to make possible coping of the test simply by pressing Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C.
  • It was impossible to use file based input/output with C# language. Now it is fixed and working. A lot of minor bugs were fixed too.
  • Submission with verdict "Wrong answer on hack 1" was not counted as failed submission. It was a bug and it is fixed now too.

That is all for now, but the work to improve Codeforces is going on and I hope we will be able to write a post about another series of improvements soon.

With best regards, Ivan.

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A small suggestion: I think add an inner link is useful, since codeforces has two domain: codeforces.com/codeforces.ru , and many links are use codeforces.ru while I'm using codeforces.com. Every time like this, I have to change the link manually.

UPD: there is one in the article, and when I click it, codeforces,ru asks me to login, and I have to change it to codeforces.com.

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    Users can post links like /blog/entry/7801. It will work on both sites.

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    I think it would be cool if Codeforces automatically replaced all links to codeforces.{com,ru} with relative links like dalex wrote above.