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Does anyone think that badges are too rare?

10 years have passed and only 3 badges have been released.

Moreover, those 3 badges are pretty much similar: 5 years badge, 8 years badge, 10 years badge.

So, lots of deserved coders don't have any badges.

Boring right?

So today, I suggest adding more badges, like "Reaching LGM" badge, "solved 1000 problems" badge, "coordinator" badge, or something similar.

If there are more badges, more people will enjoy doing CP, attending contests, or reaching new targets.

That would be much better than just 3 badges, I guess.

That's all :)

Any questions, thoughts, or if you think it's unnecessary, comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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Well, that's completely different than what badges have used for so far. I think that it's a good strategy for Codeforces that you can only get a badge when you donate in the anniversary fundraiser events ;)