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Hello community:

I am trying to solve B task in Abbyy Cup and I would like to know how can I build all the possible sums in an array of integers.

I am making all the components in the graph using dfs and I am using the PosF() function to get the position of X in its component.

At the end, I have a vector with the size of each component but I need to get all possible sums. Maybe it would be solved either by dp or by two pointers but right now I do not know how solve it.

It is something like this: Array of Components (I do not add the component that include X) = {3 8 1} and X is in the first position in its component -> Possible positions in the queue: 1, 1 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1, 8 + 1, 9 + 1, 11 + 1, 12 + 1.

Here is my solution.

Thanks in advance.

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    sol[posx] = 1;
    ncomp = comp.size();
				sol[j+comp[i]] = 1;
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    Thank you very much, I was so close ... Thanks, Thanks, Thanks. Here my AC solution. I copied and pasted your code. Great!!!!! I understood the dp, it is awesome.