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By praveenindia, history, 9 days ago, In English,

Hi, codeforces !! I am on the codeforces platform for a while. I love giving contest on codeforces. While the platform is so competitive, it is helpful on the other hand and I am glad to be a part of it. In a contest, there are problems that I can solve and there are other problems unsolved which I solve later either by trying again or looking at the tutorials. However, I have realized one thing while looking for the tutorials is that I get the whole solution in the tutorial and I just can't undo it in my brain:p. This just spoils the excitement of solving that particular question but if I will not look at the editorials, I may get stuck to the problems for hours if not days. So, I want to request to mike Mirzayanov to please introduce a hint section on the codeforces in every question that can be provided by the contest moderator for newbies like me so that instead of just getting the solution we can try to apply our brain in the right direction and then also if we don't succeed to solve the problem, we will look at the editorials.

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You don't have to read whole editorial at once, just read first few lines and try to build up your solution, most of the time, you'll get hints in the first few lines only.

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    Yeah, that's also good but having a separate section may help as it can help us to think the question from a perspective !!

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Hint section -> trash =P

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Here's is what you can do: Firstly try to solve the question without looking at it's tags. If you can't, then see tags and try to make an approach according to the tags.. Still if you don't get it, go for editorial. If you are stuck in a particular part of solution, look for that part in someone's accepted solution.