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Sadykhzadeh's blog

By Sadykhzadeh, history, 3 years ago, In English
Aren't there any such sites? -_-

Hi, everybody. I created an open-source site that shows a list of unsolved CodeForces problems using (*drum roll*) Codeforces API.

More Screenshots

Website is avaiable here!

You can find source code in my GitHub

Why is "Unsolved Codeforces Problems" better than its analogues?

1) My site shows your last submission link of each problem with the verdict, so you can quickly understand why you couldn't solve the problem;

2) My site supports Russian and English languages using buttons and logic as on the Codeforces site;

3) My site remembers your last entered handle. Every second matters, so that's why at the next session my site will immediately show you a list of problems;

4) You can view tags of problems directly on the site. By default, this feature is hidden, so that you can solve the problem yourself, without prompting; ^_^

5) Instant search problems by the name;

6) My site's engine is written in pure JavaScript. No Flask, no React, no other frameworks and libraries.

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3 years ago, # |
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Quite nice, but it might be better to repost this blog. When I clicked into it, I thought it was posted 9 months ago, although that's actually the date you started creating the blog I think.

20 months ago, # |
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Can you hide some optimization problems from the list? (e.g. Treasure Hunt or Huawei Communication Challenge). There's no way for you to solve those, and it is a disturbing fact that you can't empty your unsolved list :(