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Brookfield Computer Programming Challenge (BCPC)

Hi everyone!

TLDR: Speedrunnable contest here, bad solution videos + original standings here.

Last week I learned how to use Polygon, so I uploaded and regenerated data/solutions to the first contest I ever wrote, and uploaded it to the gym. The final score of the original contest is available here. In the original contest, the last problem was only unlocked after solving everything else (which no teams did). Originally this was a set for high school students in Wiscosin, but I thought some people here might enjoy speedrunning it.

Solution videos are also available here. They aren't very good because I was a young child when I made them, but they should at least convey the main ideas pretty well. The one interesting thing to mention is:

For problem LAST Robotics:


I hope you enjoy! Let me know if there are any technical issues, because those may indicate that I've set something up incorrectly, which was kind of the main thing I was trying to avoid here.

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As a tester I think people will like this round because of interesting problems,diverse topics and short statements

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What should be the output of a graph having a single node with a self loop in GYM 102680#G problem?

I've submitted a solution (submission #90360853), which has accepted. But when I enter following input:

1 1
1 1

It's output is 1. Isn't answer should be 0? In this case, racers will choose city 1 as start and end point; and they won't have to pass through any intersection, at all i.e. there will no race. Please correct, if I'm wrong.