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I started programming in the past two years and started CP this year because of the motivation I got from tmwilliamlin168 on YouTube and I can solve most of the problem set A questions but I can't solve most of the problem set B and so on. Please I would like to know what are the maths needed for CP, all the major topics needed for CP? I want to improve myself in the world of programming and CP. I would be very happy for any help I can get.

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In terms of algorithms, I would say you should know some graph algorithms such as (DFS, BFS, trees, func. graphs, etc...), knowledge of greedy algorithms, definitely searching and sorting techniques (Brute force, binary search for answer, binary search, recursive search, backtracking, etc...), maybe coordinate compression (never seen it so far), and data structure/implementation skills. This is not a complete list by far though. If you want some resources, I direct you to Darren Yao's Intro to USACO book (C++ version; JAVA version). I would also highly recommend this very useful guide to USACO and CF:

In terms of problem solving skills, I think that is just down to practicing problems. If you want to improve your math skills, do some problems on the AoPS wiki (I promise that you will NEVER run out of problems there). If you want to get better at ad-hoc questions, do some ad-hoc questions. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep practicing and practice above or around your level. You don't want to be practicing too easy or always practicing problems on your level or you will never improve. On thing worth emphasizing that AoPS is like the godsend problem solving; It has a good community, where you can always ask for help, regardless of wether it is math related, CS related, or anything else. It also contains a huge database of problems, as I have already mentioned, that improve your problem solving by a lot. Even though AoPS is mainly math, doing math problems also fuels your brain, its kinda like the fuel your brain runs on. If you do enough math problems, you will also improve your general problem solving skills, which is of course imperative for doing good on CF problems.

I hope you find this post useful. Good luck!

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Here btw this is what i found

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    your profile picture is interesting(Killjoy). I rarely see Competitive programmers play Valorant.