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Solved around 10-12 problems Difficulty level 2.Contest seem tough on glance.After seeing editorials, seems doable.I meant A,B problems.Seems I need more practise. I saw some of you guys mentioned math. I'm good at math for a average guy . What math concepts do i need to learn while also practising problem ? A prioritised list of math concepts would be better.I want to spend more time solving while also learning math.

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I think you don't need math if you have been average student at school. You need just practice. Practice a lot.

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Math in CP is one of those things that you'll figure out as you do more problems. If you see a math problem you don't know how to do, congrats you found something new to learn. Math in general is just good to know, there isn't necessarily a specific prioritized list of topics.

Most problems involving math include some kind of combinatorics or computational geometry, but I definitely wouldn't limit yourself with this. The more math you know, the better you'll be with logic and the more problems you'll be able to solve, not just in competitive programming.

If math is becoming a struggle, look at past AMCs or AIMEs (they are all released on the art of problem solving website). This will not only help you refresh some math content but also better your problem solving ability. Good luck!