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Hello everyone, I started using codeforces from a week ago and I have got myself into this problem that everytime I submit a solution it shows correct Execution time but always shows "0KB" Memory usage whereas my friend has the submitted exact same program and his code shows "4KB" memory usage. I am not sure what is causing this

I am using C++ language and tried submitting through 'GNU C++ 17' & 'GNU C++ 14'. I have only 5 problems so I wouldn't mind deleting my account. Please help me if you can :) Thanks in advance.

I've attached the link of my submissions. https://codeforces.com/submissions/abhijadhav8308

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Afaik, the memory usage is an approximate measure, and is also always(?) a multiple of 100 (at least based on my submission history with C++). Try solving some problems with larger bounds that require long strings or arrays and you should see an increase in memory usage. Based on your submissions so far it seems all your solutions have required very little memory.

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    Hello friend I've also tried another online compiler to check my code complexity it showed 4kb on that site and also my friend's code shows 4KB that is why I was concerned but I will definitely try your suggestion. Thank you so much :)

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I have the same problem,any solution?