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I'm in college (sophomore), but my only reason for going to it is to be in the ICPC competition because as far as I know there's no other cp competitions near me that you can go to as easily. Right now I don't care about having a college degree because I don't think I would care what job I have and college and high school have sapped me of my energy too much to be worth it.

My parents (who have failed to convince me) and a professor I talked to say there's a value to a college degree but before I talk to them more about it I would like to know if anybody else has been in a similar situation and what they did or if you have anything to say about my plan.

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I don't think there's value in a degree per se. But you can learn more in college. I am in a job for a while now, and I want more time to learn the things I want to learn. The work that I am given goes from interesting to boring quickly once I learn everything about it.

But in college, you don't have to waste time just to survive. You can dedicate all your time into learning, and then decide for yourself what field you like, and thus, what job you would want to do.