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Hello CodeForces,

For a computer science school project I aim to create a tool which can do various CodeForces tasks automatically such as the following:

  1. Monitor your submissions and notify you of test results with native system notifications during a contest.

  2. Monitor standings from a given set of friends and notify you of changes in the same way.

  3. Download example test cases automatically at the start of a contest.

  4. Submit code from within editor / command line.

Right now, I am considering writing both a command line executable (daemon) and a VS Code extension.

I am aware of projects such as xalanq's excellent cf-tool which performs similar functions.

I am interested in any and all opinions. What could I change and improve from cf-tool or another project? What other features would you be interested in using?

I would be grateful if you could fill in the Google form here.

Comments are, of course, welcome.

Again, thanks for your time,

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Thanks for the submissions so far! Much appreciated!