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By captain-pool, history, 4 weeks ago, In English

Hey guys, I've been working in the domain of 3D Mesh processing. In my work, I need to find the dual of the original 3D Triangle mesh. I am currently using a tool ( for now. However, the result is pretty weird. I tried to find the dual of dual of a sphere mesh. The results I found, is attached below. (blue is the original, gray is the dual of dual)

Does anyone know any algorithm/library/snippet, which I can use to find the dual graph and the dual of dual graph without losing faces from the original mesh?

These are the things, which I have present for the original Sphere Mesh: (N, 3) -> Vertices of the Mesh. (Float32 numbers, 3D coordinates) and (M, 3) -> 3 Int32 Vertex Index forming M triangle.


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