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I am now up solving problems from Div3 and Educational CF rounds . Here I Feeling a difficulty .

In Div3 A, B, C are solvable for me . I sometimes solve D . But most time I fail . I see that the problem's rating too higher for
me . :(

In Educational round sometimes C is easy , sometimes C is too hard ( even B ) . So :( .

So I want to solve problems with a certain difficulty from certain type of contest . Example : I want to solve problems from Div3 Who are 1300 rated .

So I ask help from you .

Thanks in advance .

Sorry for
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What is the exact reason of solving problems with certain rating from certain type of contest? I don't think that problems with similar rating from div3 and div2 are not much different. But if you want to solve problems this way, you can find a list of all div3(educational) contests(there are many in the internet), switch on problem tags(you can use some extension to see only rating) and solve only problems from that contests with certain rating.