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Hello Codeforces! The DCQ — for the ones which haven't signed up yet.

Maybe you remember my post from 3 days ago! (This one)

We have just hit 200 subscribed users, and we are trully amazed.Your support was the validation we needed in order to continue this project! However, we would like the problems to better fit your expectations so if you want, you can sugest some categories, difficulty etc. Also, by responding to the google forms at the end of every solution we send, you would help us a lot! Please share this with your friends, so our community can grow stronger( a forum and a blog are in development for you to discuss the problems we send)

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why are you not using email verification? someone might misuse it to spam other's email.

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    We have implemented the unsubscribe feature for every mail, and we will implement the mail confirmation in the weekend. Thanks for your feedback!