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Hi! Recently I noticed the great updates in the profile rating graphs, adding in dates to contests as well as allowing you to zoom in and pan around. Knowing that these changes may still be in development, I was wondering if a couple of reworks could be made.

First, when you hover over the circle at each contest, it opens a little menu with links to the contest and date, as well as the rating change. However, sometimes when I move the mouse over to click a link that I might want to visit, the menu disappears, and it often takes a couple of tries to get it. Maybe allow an option to click the circle, and the menu stays there until you click away?

The other thing is, it would be great to have a reset button for the graph and/or maybe reduce zoom sensitivity a little bit, as sometimes I accidentally zoom in or out a few scroll wheel notches too much and the graph goes kaboom.

Thanks for the great update, and it would be great to take a few of these into consideration!

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yea it does go KABOOM