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How can I calculate memory of a program to avoid MLE? Thanks!

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To get an estimate you can check your array usage and STL container usage.

For array it will be memory of primitive type * array size, say int $$$x[1000][1000]$$$ uses $$$4 bytes * 1000 *1000 = 4MB$$$

For STL containers it will be a constant factor for that container * memory of primitive type * size + some constant (ignore as the first term will dominate) A ref here

In fact CF standard memory limit are so loose and you don't need to care at most cases. And the memory usage shown may differ < 1600KB from actual. I think you can forget those things and solve some problems first.

PS: In C/C++ a boolean takes 1 byte. If you want a boolean array with tight memory limit, use a char array and store 4 boolean in one char or use C++ bitset library. I remember there is such a question in contest in few years ago.