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Hello world!

Sadly, as in most places, you need to publish a full blog about some problem since otherwise nobody will find that problem relavant.

So... I'm trying to use the API to get results from more than a few privet contests! :)

I'm using contest.status because I need to know for each user how many tries they had on problem and so on.

So where is the problem? Well... that are not my privet contests, they are in a group and I have manager in all of them, so you might think that should be fine... Nope.

I double checked: if you are the one that created mashup, then you can get data from the API.

Probably because it is in your gym, but if you are the manager from the group, then it's not. even if you are just manager... So there is really no reason why you could not see contest.status...

So the question is: is there a way around this? It's silly to me that I can't get info because I can just go by hand and get it from status in the group...

Anyone? MikeMirzayanov? Any help is good help! :)

Thank you all in advance!

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Update: problem was solved after waiting for some time...

Not sure if it is because of desync so finally i got synced up properly, or it got fixed by people developing Codeforces. But if you find this post and you have the same problem, i hope it gets fixed for you too, it took a few days... :)