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Rookie SRM 3

Rookie SRM 3 is scheduled to start at 12:00 UTC-5 on March 06, 2021

Registration is now open for the Rookie SRM in the Arena or Applet and closes at 10:55 UTC-5. The coding phase will start at 11:05 UTC-5, so make sure that you are all ready to go. Click here to what time it starts in your area.

The Rookie SRM is open to everyone and has some special cash prizes. It will only be rated for members who:
- Have never competed in Rated Algorithm Contests OR
- Have competed in equal to or less than 5 rounds OR
- If their current rating is less than 800 rating points.


Topcoder T-shirt for Top 20
*Prizes are only for members who are eligible to be rated

Choose Your Competition Arena

There are two ways to compete in Algorithm Competitions or Single Round Matches (SRMs). Read here to find which works best for you.

Some Important Links:: Match Results (match results, rating changes, challenges, individual test case results), Problem Archive, Problem Writing, Algorithm Rankings, Editorials and Older Editorials(SRM 710 and before),

UPD: Sorry for the delay — T-shirt winners are now announced:

Best of luck!
- the Topcoder Team

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The registration was not working.

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Did anyone in top 20 (and rated) get contacted about the T-shirt? I haven't heard from TopCoder so far.

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