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So I was going through the standings in and around my rank in the last division 2 round and found 3 people cheating in this round. I was quite surprised that all of them passed the plagiarism tests even though they didnt even bother to change a single line of their code that is quite surprising. Are the plagiarism checkers even working MikeMirzayanov ? These cheaters are :

bhagyeshganatra winter1ss Neel_Makadiya

All 3 of them submitted the same code for D2B :


Not only this but also they cheated in the previous rounds by submitting the same code without even changing a single line,variable,indentation and template and still didnt get caught. What is going on ? MikeMirzayanov we all know that this is a great platform you have created. Recently there has been a spike in such malpractices so please do the needful.

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It's really demotivating when you work hard to improve and people make progress without any effort. I hope the CF HQ deal with these cheats as harshly as possible. At the end of the day, they are cheating themselves, because a high rating without skills is useless. But they are also dragging down other users who are trying to get a higher rating in an honest way

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    That is so true. I too hope they all get banned or something, they are a threat to this community.

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Even this guy's Kaustov_584 submission for the round 705 div 2 were skipped.

This idiot copies codes from telegram and submits. He did it multiple times.

Still he got positive rating change inspite of his submissions getting skipped.

I will suggest codeforces to ban these accounts which are involved in cheating multiple times.

MikeMirzayanov sir i request you to penalize these idiots heavily so they dont commit such act again.