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I sometimes get messages from Codeforces members asking about the next installment of the Q# Coding Contest series. I don't have any news to share on that topic, but here is a quantum computing Hackathon that might be of interest for people who enjoyed Q# Coding Contests.

Quantum Coalition Hack is a quantum computing Hackathon hosted jointly by Yale Undergraduate Quantum Computing and Stanford Quantum Computing Association. Only undergraduate and graduate students worldwide are eligible to participate in the Hackathon part of the event, but everyone is welcome to attend the pre-Hackathon bootcamp on April 5-9 featuring tutorials and networking sessions. During the Hackathon itself, held on April 10-11, sponsor companies will offer programming challenges that can be solved using their technologies.

You can read more about the challenge Microsoft Quantum team will offer, and more about the Hackathon and the pre-Hack bootcamp on the QCHack website.

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A reminder that the Hackathon is this weekend (starting on Saturday 10am EDT), with the bootcamp week going on right now. Looks like a good opportunity to win prizes, especially for someone already familiar with Q# from Codeforces contests :-)