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The problem

So I have try to post a blog, but then I realize that the text inside spoilers is outsides even if the spoiler is still closed

I searched on google and codeforces and tried several ways people say like

  • Use other browsers

  • Add small space, tab, empty char add the end of summary=""

  • Add small texts near (above / below) the spoiler

  • Add some empty lines under <spoiler > or/and over </spoiler>

  • Use ~~~ instead of ```cpp

But sadly none of them work. However, for somewhat a reason that sometimes the spoilers arent broken though they are similar

Do someone know how to fix it? Thank you <3

UPDATE 0: I finnaly figured out that if the spoiler has it (last line) = (a line with - at its head) will destroy all spoilers below

UPDATE 1: It is so weird that using my old blog but add extra word or remove old word can still break the spoilers :( And the spoilers are now all broken again

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