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Hello I'm stuck and unable to get the setup for the interactive problems on GCJ to work on my computer (Windows 10). Specifically, the interactive judge and the python debugger that the Google Code Jam team provides. I am a relative newbie, I find the interactive problems interesting, and have been able to solve the past GCJ interactive probs, but haven't been able to code and test them.

I know I won't advance to Round 2, but I want to be able to at least enjoy the Round 1, if an interactive problem comes up (coz I can't solve the others anyway! -_-)

The process seems tedious as I do not know Python.

I have searched this on Youtube. I know Errichto has a video on solving Interactive problems, but it doesn't go through the setup (I am able to solve the problem, the technical setup is the issue). Moreover, he works on on Linux, it's different from Windows i guess.

Has anyone managed to get it working on Windows? If yes, I'd highly appreciate your help!
Thank you!

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If you don't care about python package control, then you can consider installing Python directly. (You may see many using Anaconda but I guess you won't code in Python. Just download a python installer (suggest using Python 3.6+) and install it. Then in your cmd/terminal, try typing python (if it doesn't work then try python3) to check your PATH is properly set up.

Finally, the command is python interactive_runner.py python local_testing_tool.py 0 -- ./A (your exe name) (or python3).

Replace 0 by 1/2/... for different test case if exist (check the comments in their py file)

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I also faced similar issues in the past trying to run the interactive runner in Windows console (CMD).

I recommend you installing Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and then using Ubuntu Bash on Windows as your terminal. This is the setup I use frequently and it works perfectly for interactive problems.

You can find the guide for installing WSL in the official Microsoft docs: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/install-win10.