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A Turkish government scholarship program (called TÜBİTAK) awards scholarships for International Scientific Olympiads medalists (including the International Olympiad in Informatics IOI). The scholarship is only available for non-Turkish citizens.While being an IOI medalist is an important factor when applying for undergraduate studies, there are few scholarships programs that depend on IOI results in particular. I think some of you guys might be interested to check that out, so here's a neat summary of application information.

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Yes, this program is useful in Turkey.
Monthly 1000 Liras = 496.52400 Us Dollars = about 500 dollars (at the moment)

Salary in Turkey (about),
Teacher — 2500 Liras = $1241.31
Police — 2750 Liras = $1365.441

So, $500 is more than enough for undergraduate students.