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For someone who is very new to competitive programming, what is the most efficient way to upsolve?

Many people have suggested the ladder, others have suggested solving questions from previously held contests, some even say that anything works as long as it is a question:)

But there has to be an efficient method to learn and upsolve, what do you think is it?

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Open Problemset.

Sort by Popularity.

Filter By Rating.

And start solving. You can start first by 1000+, then once you're comfortable, solve 1100+ and so on. This is the easiest and straightforward way to get started.

Also, don't try to solve everything on your own and waste hours, try for 20-30mins, then look at editorials and codes of other people. If you can solve everything on yourself, then you're not learning anything new.

Try this until you can solve 1500/1600 problems in under 30-40mins, then you'll be experienced enough to decide where to go from there.

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