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Suppose I hypothetically had a problem which required, say, the periodic table of elements, or the Collins' dictionary for valid Scrabble words. Perhaps, "Given a word, determine if it can be expressed as a combination of symbols of elements," or "Given a word, determine the number of valid English words that can be formed using its letters"

So, there is still a standard input to be read. But it's certainly unreasonable to ask contestants to hard code the resources. Is it possible for me to set up the problem with these files, so that the contestants' submissions can read them using ifstream or FileReader or something?

Thanks in advance!

*EDIT: There is no edit. This is a shameless bump.

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I'm afraid this can't be done. Maybe that's because of sandboxing limitations, maybe the UI just doesn't have the option but either way I haven't seen a problem/solution utilizing this on Codeforces. I'm afraid you'll have to hard-code the resources.

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    Darn, that's not too surprising, but still somewhat disappointing to hear. I hope this functionality gets added in the future, but it is admittedly niche.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the response! It makes me a little more confident that I'm not just stupid and missed something obvious :P