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What is this for?

It pains to see so many people struggling due to covid and even dying because of lack of help in our country. I find myself guilty and helpless every night thinking about it, being so far away and not being able to contribute in any way. People need help, they really do. If you are a student and looking for job opportunities, I can hear you out, provide some counselling and give you tips that might be useful in your career.

Who am I?

My name is Lokesh Khandelwal and I am a software engineer at Facebook. I was born and brought up in a small town, and did my undergrad in not so reputed university. Therefore, I can understand your situation if you come from a similar background. I have cracked interviews of famous companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and have also been an interviewee myself. I have also gone offbeat and completed my Masters in Astronomy. I am a good listener and have traveled and lived in multiple countries, so I am aware of different and diverse cultures and work environments.

What can you ask?

Anything. It could be as simple as helping you decide your future goals or choosing career paths. If you are preparing for an interview, I could give you tips or could even do a mock round for you. Or if you want to know about what is it like to work in these big tech companies, I can reveal some inside setups, team structures, compensations to expect etc. If you are stuck in some problem, I can help solve that, especially if it is related to mathematics, physics or computer science. If you are thinking to moving to a place and wondering what is life like in Tokyo, or Singapore or Amsterdam or London, I can help you there too. In short, I will give you my 30 minutes, and you can Ask Me Anything.

What will I get in return?

In exchange for my time and service, all I am asking from you is to help with Rs.1000 or its equivalent to any LOCAL charity or club or organisation in your city. Local is important here, because looking at the situation, it feels like the help does not reach at the root level in proper and timely manner. There are many people around you who need help. If you are medically aware and equipped, you can help / donate oxygen cylinders or concentrators or medicines. People have lost jobs in covid and cannot get treatments or feed themselves, you could help them financially. Or you could give away that old gaming laptop / mobile phone to a child who cannot attend school anymore because of digital education. Look around yourself, you will surely find someone who needs help in your neighbourhood itself.

How does it work?

Once you have helped someone, book a time slot in my calendar here [ ]. Send me a personal message with the proof of your help (receipt of local charity / picture of you helping someone needy) and I will then give you a zoom link and password to connect with me. In your message also mention what you are looking out for from me, so that I am prepared. The world needs us right now, and it is time we step up, help each other. Looking forward to meet you guys.

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help someone in your neighbourhood to get a referral from a facebook sde?

sounds like a deal

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I would like to help out in carrying forward this initiative, I messaged you