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When I was browsing the announcement of some contests, I found that some users made comments to ask where their solution is wrong. To review his/her source code , to think about his/her mistakes, and to explain it in English, took a lot of time and energy, but it was downvoted by the community, and not just once.

When I was a beginner, I encountered a lot of mistakes which are hard to understand, and didn't know who to ask for help, and I still couldn't find the mistakes in my own thinking. The difficulty of this situation, I believe everyone who start his/her Programming Contest from a Newbie to become a Master will understand it.

Going to help others gets negative contributions, but posting some meaningless funny comments makes it easy to get positive contributions. Although contributions are useless, it still makes me very uncomfortable.

There are fewer and fewer users helping others in the comment area, which may be related to this reason too. If this continues to happen, I will no longer respond to requests for help in the community.

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Many platforms nowadays delete option of downvoting, which might prevent bulling in some cases, so the same should work with codeforces. In place of developers, I would consider removing this option or hiding amount of up/down votes before person makes decision himself.