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Hello CF!

I have a small suggestion about the EDU section. When we want to see AC submissions of some problem, we go to the "submissions" page. It looks kind of similar to the "status" page for archive problems. But if we look closer, there are some QOL-level differences.

The EDU version does not allow to sort submissions by time, submission size or whatever. Also, the filter panel is missing at all, so advanced features like filtering by number of failed test are not available.

It would be great to bring all this stuff to EDU. Also, if this is implemented, it would probably make sense to make the naming uniform across the board.

Hope someone from CF staff notices this.

P.S. Is it only me or does EDU work painfully slow compared to all the other pages?

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As per I know we can't see other people's code. We can see just the status. Am I right ?

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    You can see other people's codes if you solved the problem yourself.