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hello i am practising question on code forces in the problem set for almost 2 weeks now mostly problem with difficulty 1100 i just want to ask that is solving random problems in problem set of code forces is best plam or is something in order or sequential worth it more or should I try something else which will give me the best output in the corresponding time?? you can also share your strategy or tips of solving questions that helped you to increase your rating faster than others in almost the same time.

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Practice more...Practice is the only way....Use a2oj ladder with the current diffculty

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Some advice.

  • It's not going to take a couple of weeks to see a significant improvement, it might take a couple of months or even years until you become satisfied with the rating you are at.

  • If you are a complete beginner, practicing problems around 800 to 1200 are fine. However, if you want to see a significant improvement, you should practice problems 300 or 400 rating higher than the rating you are trying to achieve.

  • You will struggle and fail many times, there is no secret method to getting better or improving fast (contrary to popular belief). Just take a look at my rating graph. With no previous math experience or competitive math knowledge, it was hard for me to improve. The only definitive way to improve is just to keep practicing, that's all there is.

Regardless, good luck on your CP Journey!