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By kashyapriya754, 4 months ago, In English

I know all of you are tired of reading these things again and again but still I cant stop myself being infuriated at these dumb halfwits in telegram cheating groups who can't even fucking tell which language they are cheating in and yet manage to solve 3 questions.

There are two groups - 1. Coding Paradise 2. Codechef Codeforces Unofficial

Please report them or whatever as they consist of a large number of people. There are many others of course but these two are very large.

I really enjoy the problem solving part of CP but the competitive part is equally important to me and I mostly do it for the thrill. That's why these fucking stupid cheaters get on my nerves.

All of the cheaters reading this, believe me my dumb as fuck friends as your rating keeps increasing your IQ will keep on decreasing and no employer is so dumb that they will give you a job seeing your rating , knowing cheating is so prevalent.

I feel very sorry to see mostly these people are from India , but what can I say when the population is so large there are bound to be some people with small brains having no capacity for hard work .

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