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Hi ambarsariya

You just answer my questions.

  1. Why your solution on may online judges got skipped.
  2. Why its always You who have similar code with telegram peoples ( just variable name change and little bit of rearrangement).
  3. Why You are Blocking me from your Telegram and discord Channels/Servers
  4. Why you changed your username (a very small change so that no one can identify) of telegram account when i raised this issue on some other channel.
  5. Why you don't accept that you are a cheater and fooling young minds on youtube.

Why Again Post When already there are no of blogs on this cheater/#ABHAYCHEATER? See what he did in todays Contest i wont say anything u just see these images and judge him.

I request MikeMirzayanov to ban him from Codeforces Community.

These Days Codeforces are becoming CodeChef just because of these TIER-3 Mentality Coders like ABHAY CHAUHAN. (He thinks if i performed not well then how can i show off on my youtube... what about my youtube earnings.... what about my job because companies wont visit his campus. )

I Wont Share the group name because the group has already 3k members i dont want to increase them.

You can find other blogs on this cheater by searching on your favourite browser. Now the main part :


Image1 :


Image2 :


Image3 :


Now His Code :



Please Clarify ambarsariya Why Why You Cheat in Contest? Whom to Show ? Does u r getting money by cheating Actually Yes By Your Fame At Youtube Which can only be maintained by your codeforces rating but you know very well that you dont have ability or (TUJHE KUCH NAHI AATA SIWAE DOOSRO KI MEHANT CHURANE OR DOOSRO KA CONTEST BIGADNE) so i request you to accept your mistake and move on further

OtherWise i am going to post whenever i think that u cheat.

Good Luck.

Your Destructor Function.

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Solve Your Stupid Beef somewhere else i am tired of these stupid blogs of Indians roasting each other because of jealousy or whatever reason. Keep Code forces clean from this shit.

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Even his graph is like some fake boobjob.

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This guy is such a loser he cheats in each contest.

Have a look at these both solution:

He literally copied . The above solutions were leaked on telegram. And he copied from there. He has been doing it for a long time.


I had even written a blog on him. Blog link:

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Man, this guy ambarsariya is such a fucking loser. I am totally fed up of this guy cheating. Some days back too he cheated in codeforces and google kickstart.

MikeMirzayanov have a look here. This guy is literally ruining spirit of cp.

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first of all it doesn't matter bro, focus on ur performance and stop posting shit blogs.

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fun fact is that most of the tier3 colleges leaderboard are crowned by such people only.. nothing can be done in this ..!