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The GNU C++ options available on Codeforces are:

  1. GNU G++11 5.1.0

  2. GNU G++14 6.4.0

  3. GNU G++17 7.3.0

  4. GNU G++17 9.2.0 (64 bit, msys 2)

The features in the newer C++ standards don't seem to matter for a competitive programmer but what does matter is whether the solution fits in the time limit. The variation in the running times can be over 50% for the exact same code and there is no option that always beats the others. Basically we have a rock paper scissors scenario.

If you average over say 50 rounds does any option perform better? Has anyone performed this kind of analysis?

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The features in newer standards are actually super useful, I'd definitely recommend C++17. I think the 64-bit version typically is faster, especially if you need 64-bit ints as intermediates.

Plus, if you're writing C++ code with "intended" or close-to-intended solutions and use the fast-IO flags, all 4 of these should pass very comfortably.

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C++14 is faster as I have noticed. C++17(64) gives TLE while C++14 solution passes with 784ms (afaik for some problems)

I wrote a similar blog a couple weeks ago. Loads of downvotes :(

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    But you provided zero examples both here and in your blog. And this makes it almost worthless. Please provide links to some real examples, which support your claim.

    A 64-bit version may be sometimes somewhat slower if it uses a lot of pointers. Because pointers are twice wider, occupy twice more space in RAM and this may cause more CPU cache misses. But in many other cases the 64-bit version should be faster if it uses a lot of 64-bit calculations.

    Also a buggy solution may sometimes TLE if it happens to enter an infinite loop. And reproducibility of such bugs may be sensitive to various things. Including, but not limited to the platform bit width.

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      It's funny that this blog says something else : Link

      Also as far as the examples are concerned, here you go!

      AC : Link

      TLE : Link

      This blog has some more solutions with huge time differences.

      (I"m sorry I'm unable to find more, but I'm pretty sure I saw a couple solutions which had the same issue, and then I made a blog about it)

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You can see my submission as well as the time taken by C++11,C++14,C++17. Note-I used the same code. Link-https://codeforces.com/contest/1355/my