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Hello, my fellow coders, as you can see results of Day 1 turned out to be really unexpected to everyone.

Even I was so confused when I finished Day 1, got out of the room ad saw the results. I thought it was some kind of mistake cause I usually don't tend to get a better rank than Grandmasters in Codeforces and Olympiads and the same holds for IOI medalists.

However, on Day 1 this was not the case.

I was really happy to see that I had gotten a better rank than some really talented people in CP, but that didn't hold for long since it was only Day 1 and anything could happen in Day 2 which could lead me to get a really bad place or not getting a medal.

Apart from that, I have to note that I do not consider myself better than the people I mentioned. Now let's get on with Day 1 problems.

First of all, let's talk about the difficulty and then the quality If someone only sees the results he will think that the problems were surprisingly hard and I heard this opinion from many contestants who did good and bad in the contest, a lot of times.

Now I can not, of course, disagree with them but in the first half of the contest, the problems seemed pretty standard to me and easy for someone to score a pretty decent score.

For example when first I saw the problem "Distributing Candies" I thought that "Ok this seems like some Lazy Segment Tree problems or maybe we can do it with Sqrt Decomposition and in general use some advanced data structure". However, it was pretty hard and needed time (or at least for me) to score some good points.

Now for problem "Keys" the first 3 subtasks were pretty standard and easy for the majority of contestants, as they required some observations and some graph searching algorithms such as DFS or BFS.

The rest subtasks were hard for me to process in the little time left but overall in my opinion I still think of it as a nice medium graph problem even though it is hard.

Now for the last problem "Fountain Parks" I saw many contestants get 70 points which surprised me since my ideas in the contest only led me to around 15 to 35 points.

On the other hand, it was the only problem I didn't give much thought or time to it since I was obsessed with getting a good score in the problem "Keys".

Now my point is that "HARD" is not the most accurate word to describe the problems, cause as a matter of content they seem kind of easy, whereas I also support that they are hard as I explained above. Overall they are "WEIRD" and "HARD" but still, it is not that accurate.

Now about the quality, I find them REALLY good and the idea, story, and the problems, of course, themselves seem very interesting.

About that, I would also like to thank the authors of the problems and everyone who got involved in the process both with the problems and the IOI.

Now about Day 2, my opinion is that the problems are gonna be more normal and may be easier since there are a lot of equal scores which need to be distinct otherwise the medal distribution is gonna be hard.

All this is my opinion so you may find it silly or it may seem weird to you.

Also please comment down below your predictions about Day 2 and the whole IOI results.

I think Miracle03 is gonna be on top maybe with a perfect score if problems are gonna be easier than today.

To close off, Good Luck to all teams on Day 2!!!

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I usually don't tend to get a better rank than Grandmasters in Codeforces
Are there any grandmasters who got $$$\leq 27$$$ points?

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You got 28 in day1 and you are in no medal range. So my prediction for you is that you won't get any medal.

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    50% + 35 points in day 2 is not entirely impossible

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i was so stupid in assessing the difficulties of the problems. From keys and candies i got 20 points pretty quickly. I don't think i could do more in candies but missed a subtask in keys because of a stupid ass implementation of BFS. Maybe if i did it correctly i could do more subtasks who knows. It ain't much but i think for my level that was enough. When i started parks i coded the first subtask. When i started the second subtask i got a 100 pts idea. Thought alot about it. Then decided to try it directly. Spent ~2.5 hours only to realize that it's wrong. Last year i got 100 pts for super trees. I overestimated my skills because of that I'm so embarrassed by that. I should've tried to do subtasks. welp in the end i got 25 pts.

For beginners looking forward for next IOIs this is my advice. NEVER code full solutions right away. Even if you're 100% sure. NEVER skip coding subtasks. Even if they seem so trivial for you. Learn from my mistakes ;-;

Edit: and also i spent ~30 minutes in shock doing nothing after realizing my stupidity. Thinking about How i so beautifully fucked the day because i thought i was smart enough to get 100 directly in an ioi task :(

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    I also get 25 points, it's my first time in IOI, and I think is a nice result. But I also think that I could do a lot more subtasks, or even finish the first problem, that actually I think I have got the solution xd. What I have to say, is that being unhappy with our results is something very frecuent, even more in CP.

    So, I have nothing to lose, so I think tomorrow I will try do an entirely problem, even if I finish the day with 0 points, because is the unique way that we can achieve bronze.