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Hi cf communities,i have a question.last week i started to do dynamic programming and i managed to solve easy problem like frog 1 and 2 in atcoder.i think its pretty easy and intuitive.but when i come to knapsack,it was hard.i dont know the dp i decided to see editorials.after seeing the transition, i still cant solve it this time its about i decided to see others solution and just copy paste his/her code and try to analyze each line.i was confused on how can people come up with ideas in contest and also able to implement them(especially dp,dp ideas and implementations are complete nonsenses to me).do i need to improve my math since i have a teacher that join IMO but doesnt train for cp yet he is good at dp?

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I suggest you to read the dynamic programming part of cses book.Then keep practicing from Atcoder Dp contest and Topcoder div-1 Easy problems with Dynamic Programming tag(Which are my to-do-list btw).My suggestion would be to read the editorial if you are unable to solve on your own but don't look the codes of others