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Hola, budding coders of the SPC and Codeforces!

On [contest_time:337838], Programming Club IIT Madras will host The Speed Programming Contest (SPC) Round #003 and we would like to invite all of you for the same.

To register for the contest: Click Here

This is the third round of the 2021 series of Summer Programming Camp. It will be a combined unrated round for all divisions : )

The contest consists of 10 problems [ICPC Style Scoring] to be solved in 120 minutes. While all the problems should be exciting and fun for the participants of the Camp, we believe that the first 6 problems should be easy for the experienced coders, the next 3 should be somewhat challenging, while the last problem might need some time even for a Master to solve.

The prizes for the Official Participants of the Summer Programming Camp (IITM) are:

  • Winner of the contest to receive CFI T-Shirt.
  • Top 3 Participants to receive Certificates and a surprise Gift : )

We’d like to credit,

We would like to thanks AdC_AB2, Abdullah_Md010, CharanSrikar, arsinha, kuki22102002 for testing the round and providing valuable feedback.

We are also Grateful to, CFI, IIT Madras for overseeing SPC conduction and our beloved MikeMirzayanov for Polygon and CodeForces Platforms.

Last but not least, Thanks to you for participating in the round : )

The contest would definitely be fun and exciting for all the participants. To register for the contest: Click Here

Good luck and see you in the standings!

Editorial: Click here.

Congratulations to the winners!

Among the camp attendees rated below 1600, AkshithSriram secured first place.

Top 3 Coders (Official Standings):

Rank Name CF ID Roll Number
1 YSS Narasimha Naidu Bold_Eagle CS20B054
2 Parth Arora parth2003 EE20B096
3 Sooraj Srinivasan soorsrini314 CS20B075

First Solves (Official Participants):

Problem Competitor Penalty
A parth2003 00:01
B Biswadip 00:05
C parth2003 00:04
D AkshithSriram 00:09
E parth2003 00:15
F Bold_Eagle 00:26
G parth2003 00:24
H AkshithSriram 01:44
I No Solves :) --:--
J No Solves :) --:--

First Solves (All Participants):

Problem Competitor Penalty
A Kruthic 00:00
B thenymphsofdelphi 00:02
C thenymphsofdelphi 00:03
D thenymphsofdelphi 00:04
E thenymphsofdelphi 00:08
F thenymphsofdelphi 00:11
G thenymphsofdelphi 00:15
H thenymphsofdelphi 00:25
I roy.satyam 00:19
J thenymphsofdelphi 01:57

Hope you all enjoyed the round!

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