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Q1) What is the best technique to practice questions without wasting time, like if i practice a lot of questions but they all are easy so its basically a waste of time.

Q2) How do you guys practice..? Hoe many hours do you invest in competitive programming per day..?

Q3) Also is codeforces a good site to practice problems from or are there even better websites..?

Q4) Are A2OJ ladder question worth doing to improve..? Because i saw many of its questions are from very old codeforces contests.

I just want to clear some of my doubts and also i want to ensure that if i am spending my time practising, it should be worth it.

Sorry if you don't like these type of questions because i am sure that they are asked a lot. But i just want a clear roadmap that i can follow to master cp.

Thank you.

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1) 200-300 above your rating 2) i do step 1 till im bored or annoyed 3) doesnt matter imo, codeforces has rating so it's easier to deduct problem hardness 4) tbh most of recommended problems there are just most solved problems in some rating ratio which they call difficulty

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1) Try to solve tasks in a specific category, do not solve tasks by rating. In the categories, I think it's important to solve some calssic tasks, then challenge some hard tasks. The gap in their ratings can be 300~500. 2) First, read some tutorials, then code by following the tutorials, the last step, try to solve the same tasks by yourself. I usually spend 2~3 hours per day. 3) Codeforces is a great website, but I use Atcoder more. 4) Very old codeforces contests can also provide you with good tasks. The tasks good or not DON'T depend on whether they are new or old.

And sorry for my poor English.