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Hey everyone, I'm doing CP since 8 and half months but unable to get the result which I want. I stuck on a problem and unable to click the logic. Is anyone can suggest me any changes if I need to make to improve on certain basis.

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What do you exactly mean, "unable to click the logic?". Perhaps you could try focusing on early div 3 questions (A-C), which don't usually require any algorithm/DS knowledge, and is more about logic/implementation or math. From there, doing more focused practice on the algorithms that you want to learn via hacker rank or geeks for geeks questions may suit you. They have nice editorials and can are often very focused on a single algorithm/DS. Practicing questions is key, it gives you a feel for the questions, so that you can identify solutions or atleast an idea of the direction you should be heading when approaching the problem.

TLDR; do more focused problems, do a mix of easy and difficult problems, learn new things.

I may not be speaking for everyone from this comment, after all I'm pretty low-rated, so if anyone has feedback on this please reply, thanks!

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I don't know if you are doing problems on other Online Judges or not but from your Codeforces profile it looks like you haven't been solving much. Also, you are giving far too less contest. The only thing I can think of suggesting you is to practice more, there's no other way out.