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I'm trying to solve dynamic range minimum query(CSES).(Using Segment Tree) For updating, I am going from child to parent, eventually root.

//updating segment

void update(int st[],int idx)
//main part
   int arr[n];
   int hight=ceil(log2(n));
   int size=(1<<(hight+1))-1;
   int st[size]; //segment tree
   //both arr and st 0 based
   //pos->the index to be updated, newvalue->the updated value
    int idx=(1<<hight)-1+pos; st[idx]=newvalue;

Note: I got ac by updating from parent to node recursively.But,getting wrong answer doing this way. Kindly help

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You should read to this blog to solve the problem in iterative (Which is what you are trying to do):