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Although I am just a newbie here and haven't been on this site for long enough, as a user, I really found this thing to talk about and would really like to get implemented.

As I said earlier I am just a newbie so, it's obvious that I wasn't able to solve a problem and hence looked to the editorials, and yeah sometimes editorials have long enough and complex enough proofs that I am not able to get it at all.


So, what do I do? I generally search for the solution to the problem on YouTube and yeah it helps a lot.

But sometimes they don't have the proper understandable enough solution (for me at least).

So, I go down to the comment section of the editorials section in order to get a better understanding of the solution. And it's sometimes hard to find the perfect comment for my queries and also hard to find a comment referring to the problem which I was looking for.


So, I guess it's a good thing to have a different discussion section for a particular problem of that particular contest.

I hope I didn't waste your time and suggested a good enough suggestion.

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I think it's a good suggestion.Don't underestimate yourself that sometimes you don't get to understand the editorial of a problem because of being a newbie.It can happen to anyone.I also sometimes(1 out 10 times)don't find comfortable watching editorials of a certain problem then I search in the comment section.So, it's a good suggestion

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    Thank you, I really hope that this takes effect and someone (NOT ME DEFINITELY) can tag Mike or others who can help this suggestion take place :)