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Hello, Codeforces!

I'm happy to introduce autumn fees, which will be held on Misis platform! Participation is free.

approximate class schedule (it can vary depending on the level of participants)

There is an open question about lectures. Face-to-face lectures will be in Brest. I'm not sure about correspondence, because there is very few time(

Participants can communicate in our discord channel. Also I will be in it, and betweentimes answer the questions. Also, you can write to me in private messages and ask your questions. Unfortunately, I have no possibility to make English version, so it will be only in Russian.

For registration go to this link.

Preliminarily, contests will start at 11:00, will last 4 hours, for every contest will be opened upsolving.

In the misis rating system operates (you will have your color, as on CF, upsolving is rated too), so you will have motivetion to compete.

I want to thank misis, especially Daria Krohina for providing access to the MISiS system!

Good luck & high rating!

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