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By Suhaylee, 10 years ago, translation, In English

Hello to every programmer!

I solved problems of one competition and I can't send these problems to any website. I have tests of problems. Also I have tester but I'm using Linux and tester is not working in Linux because testers format is ".exe" and ".exe" is not working in Linux. How can I check my problem with tests? Can you please help?

I heard that there're some websites that we can add problems and tests there and we can send our solution and check it.. but I forgot name of that website.. Does someone knows what was that website or can someone give some other advice for checking my problems?

Thanks for help and sorry if my English is bad.

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Either write checker for yourself, or use Wine. Actually, it's not hard to write a simple shell script, which will copy input file for each test, run your program, then checker.

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You could use diff command in Linux, or FC command in Windows to compare output files. However, if you need to measure time and memory consumption, you'd better use the 'test' facility available on many online judges. Some of them limit your input file size, hence you may want to use the old USACO contest system which you can feed with (reasonably) large input files.

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I have written a judge system by myself, since one years ago, and it is working perfectly. I am still upgrading it. At the moment, my team and my teacher are using this system. I'm Vietnamese, so I have not support English language. In this week, I will include language support feature into it. I promise with you that, I will release this system in 7 days (and share with you). And you, please become my first users :D.

(This is not advertisement, I only share what I think that I can help someone)

Some screenshot,

Main form, and the problem list:

Screen when you add new problem, It can recognize a lot of input/output format.

After a judgement, this is result.

This is link to download, of course, no language support.